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WiFi mobile hotspot

Hire a car, see and share, connect with WiFi

Stay connected to your loved ones, no matter where you go!

Why rent WiFi?

  • • Vacation freely knowing that your telephone costs won't skyrocket.
  • • Not limited by WiFi HotSpots when waiting for an important e-mail?
  • • No loss of connection durring travel.
  • • No suprises and high prices of Internet services in hotels.

We have a solution for you ... Alcatel Touch Link Y858 – 4G

4G modem and wireless router in one device. Internet access wherever you may be! Save on roaming costs. It connects with all smart phones, portable computers and tablets. Use up to 10 devices at any moment.

Unlimited daily traffic per device. It cannot be easier!

* The device is programmed to work only in a country where car rental started!

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